Ayurvedic Detox

Ayurvedic Detox

Why Need Of Detoxification

  • Toxins /Ama/Amavisha are poisons in our body. Ama causes harm to our health and various diseases to our body.
  • Ama is a sticky undigested material/waste product .
  • Toxins get accumilated  in our body due to
  1. modern & fast stressful lifestyle
  2. Unhealthy diets – Fast food, Junk food, bakery products, fried / spicy / processed food, due to harmful fertilizers in farms, food not on time.
  3. Addictions like smoking, drinking alcohol, tobacco, different drugs, etc.
  4. Improper Sleep (less than 6 hours)
  5. Environmental toxins ( Air / Water/ Sand etc pollutions)

So, Detox is very important  in our routine life to have healthy life.

Every individual should detox his/her body at least once/twice a month with home remedies and Panchkarma Detox at least once/ twice in a year under the supervision of Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Who Need Detoxification 

  • Person having poor metabolism (Weak Agni).
  • Recurrent Diseases.
  • Joint or Muscular Pains or physical stress.
  • Poor skin quality or any type of Allergies.
  • Mental Disturbance or mental stress.
  • Lethargy/ Fatigue / Laziness.
  • High Blood Sugar.
  • Over weight   (For Karshan Chikitsa)
  • Under weight (For Bruhan Chikitsa)
  • People who travel and have food from different places.
  • Improper sleep.
  • People having chronic bone & joint diseases like All types of Arthritis, Spondylitis, Gout, etc
  • Before Pregnancy for healthy child.
  • After delivery for Mother & Child care.

Detox can be done by various methods 

  • By doing fasting – for 1 to 3 days. (Only on warm water).
  • Only on Buttermilk for 2-3 days / according to individuals strength.
  • Only on Boiled Vegetables or on Fruits/salad.
  • Only on Ayurvedic Drinks/ Decoctions (Like Our Sarth Ayurjal Herbal drink). Also some herbs can be used for detox like Amalaki/Triphala/Guduchi/Neem/Haridra/Manjishta/Trikatu etc.
  • Erand oil can be taken every week 1-2 tsp at bed time for good motions with warm water or milk (Still some old people follow this practice in their routine).
  • Daily Abhyangam (Full Body Massage) – with Ayurvedic medicated Oil (SARTH ABHYANG OIL). It will help to,
    • Nourish the whole body – reduces the effect of aging factor.
    • Stimulate all the internal organs of our body.
    • Lubricate all the body joints.
    • Strengthen  the muscles.
    • Drain lymphatic system.
    • Increase  circulation & Improve tissue function.
    • Enhance the body immune response.
    • Deep and Better Sleep.
    • Calm all the nerves.
    • Increase  Physical strength and Stamina of our body.
Due to Steam, sweating is done. Swed (steam) is a mala(toxin) which should be given out from our body.

    How to remove Toxins from our Body 

    • Nidaanparivarjaan (Avoiding the causing factors of Ama)
    • Amapachanam
    • Agni Deepanam
    • Strotoshodhanam (Cleansing the channels by Panchakarma)

    Ayurvedic Panchkarma (Shodhan Chikitsa)

    • Vaman
    • Virechan
    • Basti
    • Nasya
    • Raktmokshan

    General Tips to follow 

    • Regular Exercises  for minimum 45 mins. (preferably in morning) (Yoga or any other physical exercises).
    •  Drink Plenty of water 2 - 4 lits according to their Physique.
    • Eat fresh and Organic Food.
    • Food with 6 tastes (6 RASA’s – Madhur, Amla, Lavan, Katu, Tikta & Kashay)
    • Breakfast – Heavy, Lunch – Medium, Dinner – Less.
    • Exposure to Sunlight for minimum 10-15 mins / day.
    • Avoid Alcohol, smoking & other addictions.
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