Ayurvedokta Suvaranaprashan Samskara Vidhi

Ayurvedokta Suvaranaprashan Samskara Vidhi

“Suvarnaprashan hi etat medhagnibalvardhanam | Ayushyam mangalam punyam vrushyam grahapaham | Maasat paramamedhave vyaadhirbhirnn cha dhrushyate | Shadbhirmaasai shrutdhar suvarnaprashanad bhavet ||

- Acharya Kashyapa (Kashyapa Samhita)

Suvarnaprashan Ritual is one of the 16 important Rituals for children in Ayurveda.

1) What is Suvarnaprashan? Suvarna -
Authentic Gold Bhasma (Ash of purified gold), Prashan = to lick, and feed the baby. In this Suvarnaprashan, Suvarnabhasma along with medicated ghee and honey in unequal proportion are used which is beneficial for physical and intellectual health. As it is in semi-liquid form and palatability it can be easily administered to childrens. Proper purification of gold has to be performed before internal administration.

2) The right time for Suvarnaprashan?
According to Ayurvedic scriptures, on the Pushya Nakshatra day of every month, Suvarnaprashan is given to children. For best results, it can be given daily early in the morning, but if not possible to give it daily at least it should be given on consecutive Pushya Nakshatra days.

3) Age limit?
0-16 years. (from birth to 16 years of age)

4) Why Pushya Nakshatra?
"Pushya" means the nourisher. It is an Auspicious Nakshatra which enhances the efficacy of the medicine. On this day the body of children (boys/girls) is in the best state to absorb medicine.

5) Benefits of Suvarnaprashan?
  • It increases Immunity Power and improves life expectancy.
  • It increases children's intelligence, memory, concentration, and cognitive power.
  • It helps to improve the children's speech.
  • It helps in building physical strength, and body growth (height, weight) in children and also improves stamina.
  • It helps to nurture early developmental milestones.
  • It increases the positive attitude among the children.
  • It also increases the ability to cope with mental and physical stress.
  • It reduces anxiety, aggressiveness, irritability, and attention-seeking behaviour.
  • It increases digestive power and disease resistance power significantly.
  • It protects against seasonal diseases & and thus prevents children from falling ill very often. .
  • It protects against various allergies.
  • It helps the body to recover early in case of any illness.
  • The side effects of junk food & and preserved food used nowadays are eliminated.

6) What Does And Don’ts Need To Be Followed?

  • Do not eat for at least half an hour before and later of the administration of Suvarnaprashan.
  • Preferably it should be started from Pushya Nakshatra or when given routinely it should be preferred to be given in the morning as Suvarna bhasma (a form of complex oxide) can get best oxidized in the morning due to the high amount of oxygen present in the atmosphere. Thus it leads to better absorption of Suvarnaprashan drops.
  • It should not be given in acute fever as gold bhasma in such cases may increase body temperature.

7) Where this dose is available?
We have a monthly dose of Suvarnaprashan and also for daily use, we have Sarth Suvarna Brahmaprash Drops.

Note: Suvarnaprashan is very beneficial for children suffering from neurological and developmental disorders like Autism etc. They should give daily and monthly Suvarnaprashan doses for best results.

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