Hemant Ritucharya

Hemant Ritucharya

What is Hemant Ritucharya ?

  • According to the Hindu calendar, Hemant Ritu prevails during the months of Margashirsha and Pausha which is the part of Dakshinayan. In the Gregorian calendar, Mid-November to Mid-January is considered as Hemant Ritu. It represents the ‘Pre-Winter’ season.
  • In this season, Blow of cool breezes begins and chillness is felt. The wind is very cold & the moon is very powerful than sun.
  • During this, body state is as below -             
  1. Body Strength - Maximum.
  2. Digestive Fire - Maximum.
  3. Dosha - aggravates Vata Dosha.
  4. Skin - gets Dry and Dull.
  • This is best season to improve immunity, so during this season one should follow below specific Regimen including  Diet & Daily Lifestyle.

What to eat?

  • Sweet, Sour, Salty, Unctuous & Heavy Food.
  • In this season, the body needs more lubrication. So eat more Ghee, Cow Milk, Butter and Milk Products which also help to improve body strength.
  • Grains like Wheat, Rice, Black gram & flours.
  • Ladoo prepared  from Edible Gum ,Coconut ,Aliv Seeds, Jaggery and other DryFruits.
  • Vegetables like Sponge Gourd, Snake Gourd, Root vegetables like Radish, Carrot, leafy vegetables like Fenugreek, Spinach.
  • Fruits like Awala, Grapes, Pomegranate, Oranges, Sweet Lemon.
  • Dry fruits like dry dates, coconut, almonds, pistachios.
  • Spices like pepper, mustard, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, clove & ginger.
  • Drink our specially made Sarth Herbal Drink instead of tea which is very beneficial for Immunity, Digestion & Strength.
  • Use Honey.
  • Drinking of Sugarcane juice provides lots of energy & minerals in the body.
  • Drink Hot / Warm Water throughout the season.

What to avoid in food?

  • Food having Bitter, Pungent & Astringent tastes.
  • Grains with cooling properties like Jowar, Ragi.
  • Cold foods like Ice-cream, Lassi, Cold drinks, Milkshakes, Cold Water or any Refrigerated food etc.
  • Avoid Fasting.

What to do?

  • Early To Bed Early To Rise.
  • Regular Exercise like Suryanamaskara, Yoga, Running, Walking ,Skipping, Swimming  in Sunlight.
  • Abhyanga – Massage all over the body with Vata-shamaka warm oil like our Sarth Abhyanga Oil or Sesame Oil. It nourishes the skin & strengthens the muscles & bones.
  • Shiro-Abhyanga – Apply oil on the scalp which prevents disease related to head like, mind & sense organs and helps to cure dandruff problems.
  • Udvartana-Apply body scrub which is a combination of several herbs like Keshar, Agaru, Haridra or Sarth Body scrub. Both Abhyanga & Udvartana improve the blood circulation & skin complexion.
  • Take bath daily with mild hot water or Sunbath.
  • Swedana (Steam Bath): Swedana treatments open the pores, eliminate toxins and improves skin health so it is particularly valuable during this season.
  • Use Hot / Warm Water for washing hands & legs.
  • Use warm woolen cloths & bed coverings.
  • Wear always warm footwear.
  • Use bonfire for protection of the body from cold.
  • Avoid exposure to strong breeze, cold wind etc.

Recommended Panchakarm -

  • Snehan.
  • Swedan.
  • Basti.
  • Nasya.


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