Shishir  Ritucharya

Shishir Ritucharya

  • Shishir Ritu lasts from Mid-January to Mid-March. It includes the months of Magh and  Phalgun. It Represents “Winter Season”.
  • In this Season,the Wind is Cold & Moon is Powerful than Sun. The Nights are Longer  than Days.
  • This Season is associated with Dryness and Dehydration, which leads to an accumulation of Kapha Dosha and the Increased of Vata Dosh.
  • During this body state is as below -
    1. Body Strength- Maximum
    2. Digestive Fire- Maximum
    3. Dosha- Aggravates Vata Dosha
    4. Skin- Dry & Dull
    • Physical Strength is at its peak during this time and it is the ideal period to build Strength, Stamina and Immunity in our Body.

    What to eat?

    • Sweet, Sour, Salty, Unctous & Heavy Food.
    • Cereals, newly Harvested Rice, Wheat, Gram Flour, corn, Pulses like Urad Dal.
    • Milk and Milk Products.
    • Sugarcane Products Like Sugarcane Juice, Jaggery.
    • Ginger, Garlic, Haritaki (Fruit of Terminalia chebula),Pippali (Piper longum).
    • Other nutrition rich diet –Dryfruits like Dates,Almond,Edible Gums,Coconut.
    • Amala is best in this season which is the key ingredient in our Sarth Chyavanprash. Sarth Chyavanprash is a Multi-Vitamin, Multi-Mineral & Antioxidant herbal supplement, consisting of different Ayurvedic herbs.
    • Drink our specially made Sarth Herbal Drink instead of tea which is very beneficial for Immunity, Digestion & Strength.
    • Spices – Mustard, Black pepper, Turmeric, are good sources for acting against the microbes and also good Immunity Buildup.
    • Tulsi – It Protects from cough and Improves Immunity.

    What to Avoid in Food?

    • Pungent, Bitter, Astringent Food.
    • Dry, Cold & Light Food.
    • Cold drinks or Syrups.
    • Irregular Meals.
    • Fasting or Less Quantity of Food.

    What to do?

    • Early to Bed early to Rise.
    • Daily Massage (Abhyanga) with medicated oil (Sarth Abhyang oil), which improves Circulation, Muscle Strength, Reduces Aches and Pains, Relaxes the Body & Mind.
    • Exercises like Yoga, Suryanamaskar, Brisk walking, or Running keep you warm and fit.
    • Udvartana – Apply Body Scrub which is a combination of several herbs like Keshar, Agaru, Haridra or Sarth Ubtan (Body scrub).
    • Wear Woolen, Heavy,Dry cloths to Protect the Skin from Harsh Chilly Winds.
    • Take Bath Daily with Mild Hot water or Sunbath.
    • Always wear Warm Footwear.
    • Use Hot /Warm water for Washing hands and legs.
    • Protect yourself from Cough & Cold.

    What to Avoid?

    • Exposure to Strong Breeze, Cold Wind etc.
    • Late Night sleep and Day sleep.
    • Stress and other Habits that can affect the Immune System.
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