What Is Panchakarma Treatment and Its Benefits? – Sarth Ayurveda

What Is Panchakarma Treatment and Its Benefits? – Sarth Ayurveda




Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s gift. The ancient Ayurvedic teachings contain several references to Panchakarma. Brihathrayi includes the Caraka Samhita, Susruta Samhita, and AshtangaHrdayam of Vagbhata. Panchakarma is used in Kerala’s Ayurvedic therapy as a living tradition.

“A Best way of detoxification of Mind & Body”

What is Panchakarma in Ayurveda?

Panchakarma – “Pancha” means 5 and “Karma” means procedures. So Panchakarma means 5 elements or 5 actions or 5 karmas.

Ayurveda is a “life of science”. According to Ayurveda treatment can be done in two methods that is ‘Shamana’ and ‘Shodhana’.

Shamana is suppressing the dosa’s from the body by using medicines & Shodhana is removing the toxins from the body that is done through Panchakarma.

In panchakarma, we remove the toxins from the body and clean the body. The toxins (AAM) from the body are removed & Due to which many diseases are cured completely.

The ordered metabolism becomes disorganised as a result of improper eating habits, inadequate nutrition, insufficient exercise, and an unhealthy lifestyle. This produces toxins (Aaml – Acid) in our bodies, which collect in the body and impede several pathways (Strothas), resulting in a variety of ailments.

Our bodies have a natural tendency to expel toxins, but obstacles cause the metabolism to become disrupted, necessitating the use of Panchakarma, a powerful and quick-acting treatment. It purifies the body tissue from the body.

Panchakarma is a 5 fold therapy, but every patient doesn’t need to do all the therapies compulsory.
According to the need of that particular patient, only 1 or 2 therapies can also be done.

Three Phases of Panchakarma

1. Purv Karma (Procedures Before Main Treatment)
2. Pradhan Karma (Main Procedure)
3. Pashchat Karma (Procedures After Main Treatment).

Purva karma mainly includes Bhaiya (external) and Abhyantar (Internal) Snehan.Purv Karma is important as we make the body ready to do the Main Karma. To get good expected results according to Ayurveda purvakarma must be done.5 Karmas of Panchakarma

1. Vaman
2. Virechan
3. Basti
4. Nasyam
5. Rakt mokshan.

Actually Panchakarma have these main 5 karmas but there are many upakarma (Sub procedures) like Shiro-Dhara, Manya Basti, Kati Basti, Netra Tarpan, Gandus,etc
According to Ayurveda, three doshas are there in a body- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When they are in equal quantity in a body.


This is a medical emesis or vomiting. Vaman is the best treatment for Kapha diseases.
First purva Karma, which means internal & External Snehan and after that the main procedure of Vaman is carried out. Vaman should be done early morning to get best results as KAPHA dose is aggregated in the morning

Vaman karma means emesis, which is the process of cleansing the upper parts of the body. It indicates the expulsion of kapha dosha. Kapha dosha is aggravated in Vasant rutu hence vaman is indicated in Vasant rutu.

Specially it is highly beneficial for kapha and kapha pitta disorders like allergic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, sinusitis,rhinitis,c o p d, migraine,obesity diabetes. Also all skin diseases like psoriasis eczema vitiligo,hyperacidity, indigestion, excess sleep, drowsiness, psychosis,epilepsy and certain autoimmune diseases.

Vamana Karma is contraindicated in children,old person, week tender person,during pregnancy and diseases like cardiac problems,ulcers, bleeding diseases and vata roga.


Virechan karma is the downward expulsion of doshas through anal route by taking medicines.It is indicated mainly for pitta diseases.Pitta is aggravated in Sharad ritu so virechan is indicated in sharad ritu.

General indications of Virechan is all pitta diseases, skin diseases, eye diseases, constipation, jaundice,headache, worms, gastrointestinal disorders, reduces gynaecological disorders.

Virechan is contraindicated in tuberculosis, rectal bleeding ,indigestion (aam) diarrhoea & in weak person and children.

Basti (enema)is one of the panchaKarma in which medicine is introduced through the anus or urethra or vagina. It is an ideal treatment for vata dosha. Basti is called ardh chikitsa or shreshth chikitsa in all panchakarma.
In Basti Karma the medicated oil for herbal decoction is administered through the anal route. Medicine or ingredients used in Basti Karma are selected as per the condition of disease and condition of the patient.
The indications for Basti are vata diseases like spondylitis, arthritis, neurological deficits, IBS, constipation, gynaecological disorders, paralysis, in for increasing weight and losing weight also


Nasya is the administration of medicines through nostrils. “ नासा ही शिरसो द्वारम” means nose is the gateway to head so it is applied for the diseases above shoulders like eye diseases, ear diseases, nasal diseases, for healthy hair, headache, improve voice, improve senses, delayed aging, facial paralysis etc.it is also done daily as a preventive measure.


Raktamokshan is effective blood cleansing and purification therapy. It is derived from the two worlds Rakt which means blood and mokshan which means leave.

All of Ayurvedic and panchakarma treatment can have ability to detox and purify all dosha from body that may become root cause of all diseases. Panchakarma is gift for someone who struggling from some chronic disease.

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