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Sarth Ayurveda

Sandal Soap

Sandal Soap

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Sarth Sandal soap acts as an Anti-bacterial soap.  It Helps remove acne & treats eczema. It helps in removing suntan & fades wrinkles. A mixture of coconut oil & virgin coconut oil helps to moisturize and soothe the skin. Regular use of this soap keeps skin healthy.

Sandal Soap:

Sarth Ayurveda's sandal soap has antibacterial properties. It aids in the removal of acne and the treatment of eczema. It also aids in the removal of acne and the reduction of wrinkles. The combination of mixed coconut oil and virgin coconut oil moisturizes and smoothes the skin. The use of this soap on a daily basis keeps the skin healthy.

The aromatic sandalwood has been acknowledged as the best skincare expert, and for good reason. Sandalwood treats acne, dry skin, and dull and aging skin. It removes tanning, cures skin itching, and detoxifies the skin. Sandalwood also has powerful anti-aging benefits and antioxidants.

Ingredients :

Coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, Castor oil, Caustic lye, Sandal Powder, Aloe vera gel, Sandal Perfume, water, Herbal Extract.

Benefits of Using Sandal Soap :

  • It improves skin complexion & keeps skin beautiful and clean.
  • It's even Rejuvenates Skin.
  • Even it has anti-inflammatory
  • It gives a cooling effect so used in sunburn redness or any other skin inflammatory.
  • It even controls dark spots, blackheads, pimples, dark circles, tan, acne, and scars.
  • Even helps in reducing bad adore caused by over-sweating.
  • It’s a mind-refreshing soap

Packaging :

  •      Weight: 100 gm

How  to Use :

  • Use daily while having a bath.
  • For external use only

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