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Sarth Ayurveda

Sarth Ayurveda's Diwali Combo Pack

Sarth Ayurveda's Diwali Combo Pack

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This Diwali, buy the best gift of natural items from Sarth Ayurveda. Shop and send combo pack of health, skin, and haircare Diwali combo pack.

Pure natural and effective ayurvedic beauty products from Sarth Ayurveda.

Sarth diwali combo kit includes

1) Sarth Abhyang Oil 50 ml
2) Sarth Hair Care Oil 50 ml
3) Sarth Sugandhi Uthane 35 gm
4) Sarth Sandle Soap 100 gm
5) Sarth Mukhlepa 15 gm

The best Diwali gift for friends, family, and coworkers. Get a personalized name and logo on your gift. Express your love and care with the Sarth Ayurvedas Diwali gift pack.

Sending online Diwali Gifts to family and friends would make your festival season even more pleasurable. The Diwali Gift Combo pack from Sarth Ayurveda is the ideal way to give the greatest healthcare and skincare Diwali gifts to coworkers, friends and family.
Let's have a look at what you can get with Sarth Ayurveda’s Diwali Combo Pack


Composition – Bhringraj – 24 gm, Amalaki – 4 gm, Sariva – 4 gm, etc

Indications – Herbs like Bhringaraj, Amla, yashthimadhu, etc in Sarth Hair Care Oil encourage healthy hair growth. Regular use retains moisture and prevents split ends. Oil helps to strengthen the hair roots & prevents greying of hairs. Herbs like Brahmi&Jatamansi in Oil helps to reduce stress also.

Direction for Use – For best results, apply sufficient amount of oil on hairs & scalp. And massage gently with finger tips for 10-15 mins. Daily use gives excellent output.


Composition – Bala – 5 gm, Laksha – 3 gm, Masha – 5 gm, Nirgundi – 4 gm, etc

Indications – SarthAbhyang Oil is made by Kshirpakvidhi& can be used for dailyMassage which is best for Detoxification. It improves the immune system of the body, skin complexion & also tones muscles. It reduces pain & strengthens the body. It relaxes the body & mind which helps for a good night sleep.

Direction for Use – Apply sufficient amount of oil on body & massage gently. SarthAbhyang Oil can be used daily.


Composition - (Each 100 gmsContains )

SugandhiKachora - 10gms ,Sariva - 10gms, Manjishta - 10gms,  Ushir - 10gms, etc

Indications – Using SarthSugandhiUtane, scrubs Off & Cleanses the Skin, makes Skin Healthy, Soft, Smooth and Glowing.

Directions for Use – For dry skin, mix with milk/oil and for oily skin mix with Rose water to form a paste. Rub gently over the body. Wash off with warm water after few minutes.

  • MUKH LEPA (Face Pack Powder)

Composition : Each 100 gm contains :Sariva -15gms, Manjishta – 15gms, Lodhra – 10gms, etc

Indications :Cleanses skin, improves texture and health of skin which results in glowing, smooth and beautiful face.

Directions for use:For dry skin, mix with milk and for oily skin mix with water to form a paste and apply on face. Scrub gently with fingers. When the facepack starts to dry up, wash off with warm water.


Sandal act's as Anti bacterial. It helps to remove acne & treats eczema. It is helpful in sun tan also. It makes the Skin Soft& fades wrinkles.

In combination with virgin coconut oil and coconut oil it helps to moisturize & soothes the Skin with deep cleansing.

It can be used for all types of skin & throughout the year.

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