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Sarth Ayurveda

Sarth Face Scrub

Sarth Face Scrub

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Using Face scrub acts as a perfect natural cleanser which removes dead cells and makes the skin soft & healthy. Regular use restores skin optimal moisture balance. Herbs like neem & aloe vera helps to reduce acne, pimples & dark spots. Walnut rejuvenates skin. Sarth Face Scrub can be used for all types of skin.


Sarth Face Scrub works as an excellent natural cleanser and Exfoliation agent . Exfoliation is process of removing dead skin cells from your skin’s outer layer and leaving the skin soft and healthy. When used on a regular basis, it restores the skin’s optimal moisture balance. Acne, pimples, and dark spots can be reduced by using herbs such as neem and aloe vera.

Benefits of using Sarth Face Scrub

Sarth Ayurvedic Face scrub is natural skincare product that made with effective natural herbs. Each component in this scrubs gives best benefits for skin. Check out the best

  • Gets Rid of Dead Skin Cells
  • Unclogs Pores on the Skin
  • Reduces Acne Scars
  • Offers Smoother skin improves skin texture.

For getting the best results, we recommend using this face scrub twice a week. Along with this treatment, maintain a healthy diet and avoid spicy and oily foods, which can cause skin acne and pimples.

Face scrub is simple to use and apply. Use this naturally made and organic skin care product to avoid the side effects of other chemical-based products.


Additional information

How to Use

How to Apply a Face Scrub?

• Simply wash your face with water and not dry keep it wet.
• Take a small amount facial scrub in the palm of your hand.
• Scrub your wet face with the Sarth facial scrub.
• Gently rub and apply little pressure as possible on your face.
• Gently massage in upward and downward direction on focusing all corners of mouth, neck, nose.
• Continue massage for 30 seconds.
• Massage your neck and under your chin for another 1 minute.
• After removing excess, rinse your face with cold or lukewarm water. For better results use scrub 2-4 times a week.


Aloe Vera-10%, Wallnut-10%, Neem-5%, Erand oil-Q.S, & gel Base


50 gm

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