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Sarth Ayurveda

Sarth Murivenna Tailam

Sarth Murivenna Tailam

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Sarth Murivenna Thailam is an effective oil helps in various treatment of wounds. Its beneficial to treat cuts, wounds, fractures, dislocations and traumatic injuries. Murivenna helpful in healing the injuries and wound fast. It is prepared from

Sarth Murivenna Thailam - Treatment of Injuries & Wounds

Murivenna Thailam is a powerful healing oil that can be used to treat muscle and bone injuries. It can even be used to heal wounds and burns, and when used reduces scarring. It is helpful in all types of arthritis, back pain, sciatica pain, intervertebral disc prolapse, and spondylosis.

Murivenna Thailam quickens the healing process and gives almost instant relief from swelling, stiffness, pain, & inflammation, naturally. Though named as wound oil, it is conventionally used while bandaging fractures, for dislocation, sprain, and soft tissue trauma.

Key Ingredients:

Aloe Vera – 005 gm, Karanj – 002 gm, Onion – 005 gm, Paan – 005 gm, Madanaghanti – 005gm, Sahajan – 005 gm, Satawari – 1.875 gm, Coconut oil – 010 ml, Pangara – 005 gm.

Benefits of using Murivenna Thailam

Murivenna Thailam is an effective oil can be used in treatment of recovering various injuries.

  • It helps to heal wound and cuts fast.
  • It can be helpful for traumatic injuries.
  • Treatment of Various joint pain problem .
  • Improves the healing process.
  • Murivenna is applied externally to non-healing and open wounds.
  • Burns are soothed and healed.
  • Inflammatory pain is alleviated.
  • Treats Inflammation-Related Swelling


It cures Cuts, Wounds, Fractures, Dislocation, Traumatic Injuries, and remedy for Sprain, Bruise, Ache & Join pain.

Direction of use:

  • It can be applied externally over the affected area, either warm or at room temperature. Gentle massage after the application offers a soothing effect and aids in the quick absorption of oil.
  • Application of cotton swabs dipped in warm Murivenna over painful joints and sprain areas provides quick relief.
  • Retaining warm Murivenna over the lower back region (also known as Kativasti in Ayurveda) or other parts of the spine, for a specific period, is found to be beneficial in diseases affecting the back and hip.
  • In ulcers, cuts, and burns, the mere application of the oil with soft bandaging (if necessary) promotes faster healing.


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200 ml, MRP – 190

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