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Sarth Ayurveda

Turmeric Handmade Soap

Turmeric Handmade Soap

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Sarth Handmade Turmeric Soap has Antiseptic, Antioxidant, and Anti-bacterial properties which help to reduce acne, blackheads, pigmentation, eczema, psoriasis, etc Turmeric improves Skin Tone and it reduces Blemishes. It gives a natural glow, complexion, and whitening to the skin. By using this soap regularly, the skin becomes rejuvenating.

Description :

Sart Turmeric handmade Soap is great for acne because turmeric acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent and helps provide Vitamin E to moisturize and revitalize your skin cells. It further helps to battle acne and restore skin to its natural healthy glow.

Indications Sarth Turmeric Handmade Soap has antiseptic, antioxidant, and antibiotic properties which are effective in treating acne, blackheads, pigmentation, eczema, psoriasis, and more. It gives a natural glow, complexion, and whitening to the skin. Regular use of this soap rejuvenates the skin.

Ingredients Coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, Castor oil, caustic lye, Turmeric extract, Curcumin, Turmerol, Aloe vera gel, Perfume.

Benefits of Turmeric  Soap :

  • It contains Antiseptic & Antibiotic substances.
  • Enhances complexion and has skin whitening properties.
  • Provides a natural glow and luster to the skin.
  • Effective in removing blackheads, pimples, and acne.
  • Helps control pigmentation, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • Boosts the healing process.
  • Beneficial for other skin conditions.
  • Prevents skin from getting dry.                                                                      

Packaging :

 Weight : 100 GMS

How to use :

For Bhating

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